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Skin Game

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By Ambata Kazi-Nance, Guest Blogger My son and I were having dinner a few nights ago when he started talking about his school day. “Eloise gave me her skin, Mama,” he said with a laugh.…

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Shop in a Box

I went to the new Costco with a friend the other day, my first time. The big box store sits at the cusp of Uptown New Orleans on a long-abandoned (since Katrina) patch of land that used to be a … Continue reading

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Infinite Design

It’s happened to me several times in my adult life that I’ve come into contact with people who are obviously not familiar with the likes of me. I was born and raised in the South; one of the greatest offenses … Continue reading

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The Frenetic Reading Life, or Reading in My Thirties

Confession: I am a book adulterer. In my teens and 20’s, school reading aside, I was strictly monogamous. I picked up a book and stuck with it till the end, even if I wasn’t really feeling it. I didn’t even … Continue reading

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The Book I Was Born To Write

Have you ever read a book and thought: this is it, this is the book I was born to write? Not in the sense of, ‘oh let me put my pen away, it’s already been written’ but in the sense … Continue reading

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Write On, Write Over, Write Through

  “I don’t enjoy writing, I enjoy having written.” Dorothy Parker                 My main reason for starting this blog is because I think it is a great step towards becoming a writer. I am a writer in the sense that … Continue reading

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